WinAtt is a small utility to aid in attenuator design. It calculates the exact values of resistor required for a given attenuation and system impedance, and also shows the performance of attenuators built using real-world components with preferred values. Both pi and T designs are covered, and the power dissipated in each resistor is shown. Recalculation is automatic if the attenuation or power is changed.
Simply enter a value for your desired attenuation (and power input, if you wish) in the box at the top left. If you want to design for a system impedance other than 50 ohms, then change the value in the system impedance box just below the title.

winatt screen


WinAtt is available for Windows as a zip file, containing the installer and all files required. Click to download WinAtt. (Latest version, May 2021, minor bug fix)


The WinAtt software is copyright of the author: 2004-2021, Roger Blackwell who
retains all rights, but has made WinAttn available for non-commercial use under the conditions stated below.
The software is provided "as is" and without warranties or liability, whether express or implied. Because the various hardware and software environments in which this software may be used are beyond our control, no warranties of functionality or fitness for a particular purpose are offered or implied.
The WinAtt software is not permitted to be used for any commercial purpose, offered for sale in any way, or supplied in association with any commercial product.


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