Windows software for the N2PK VNA by GM4PMK and GM3SEK

VNA4win is designed give a Windows user interface to the Vector Network Analyser designed by Paul, N2PK.

See for details of this project.

The latest release is version 1.3D, 01 September 2008.

CLICK HERE to download the VNA4Win complete package as a zipped file (version 1.3D).

The package includes a 1.3D manual in Adobe pdf format with installation instructions.

VNA4win offers:

New in Version 1.3C

New in Version 1.3D


Note that calibration files from V1.3A and earlier are not compatible with V1.3B or later.

Some VNA4win screenshots follow:

1. Measuring the impedance of an RF choke

Marker A (green dots) has been positioned on the peak using the Find control.
Marker B (red dots) has been manually positioned at 1.95MHz.



















2. Sweep setup

Maximum range of the N2PK VNA is 50kHz to 60MHz.
Note the "Plot F=0" option, which can often make the frequency scale easier to read
(in this example, the scale becomes 6.0MHz/div instead of 5.995MHz).








3.NEW single-frequency readout

Large displays and bar-graphs for easy tuning.

Support email addresses will be found in the manual, which is included in the download.

One known problem easily fixed: if  your computer has led an extraordinarily sheltered life
the program generates an error message about MSSTDFMT.dll not being loaded.
To cure this:

Copy the msstdfmt.dll file to your system directory.

Under the Windows Start menu select Run...
and type: regsvr32 /s msstdfmt.dll

shut down and restart the computer.

that should register the dll with the system and fix the problem.

VNA4win is offered without charge for non-commercial use to the amateur community.

The VNA4win software and the accompanying User Manual are copyright of the authors: 2004-2008, Roger Blackwell and Ian White.
We retain all rights, but we have made VNA4win available for non-commercial use under the conditions stated below.
The software and manual are provided "as is" and without warranties or liability, whether express or implied. Because the various hardware and software environments in which this software may be used are beyond our control, no warranties of functionality or fitness for a particular purpose are offered or implied.
The VNA4win software or the User Manual software are not permitted to be used for any commercial purpose, offered for sale in any way, or supplied in association with any commercial product.


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