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Willowbank Observatory, Pennyghael, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) and other monitoring - under development
JXN 16.4kHz
DHO 23.4kHz
NAA 24.0kHz
TBB 26.7kHz
Yesterdays plot
UNID 29.7kHz

Multichannel VLF SID Receiver

A multichannel receiver continuously monitoring the signal strength of five VLF stations, each shown on a seperate plot, together with a plot of sferics in the range 6 - 10 kHz.

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SID Receiver 23.4 kHz and Muon Counts

Signal strength of DHO in RED, arbitary units, 0 - 5.0
Muon count in ORANGE, 30 min rolling average, scale 0 - 50 cpm.
Background count in BLUE, 30 min rolling average, scale 0 - 250 cpm

The first plot is for the last 6h.
Below that are full 24h wide charts for the current and previous day.

For more details on the instruments click here.

Today's full chart since 00UT
Previous day's full chart
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