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The DUBUS Technik series of books are compendiums of technical articles from past issues of Dubus Magazine.
Each is, like the magazine, fully bi-lingual (English and German) and is an A5 paperback of over 360 pages.
They are a good way to save space on your bookshelf!

Please order from your National Representative. Further details on the Subscriptions page.

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The following volumes are available (Technik VIII is out of print).
Click on the cover image or link to see the contents of each volume.

T19 cover

Technik XIX (2021-23) is the latest in the Technik series.





Technik XVIII (2019-20)    Technik XVII (2017-8)     Technik XVI (2016-7)       Technik XV (2015-6)       Technik XIV (2014-5)      Technik XIII (2013-4)

T18 cover
T17 cover
T16 cover
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T9 cover
T7 cover
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Technik XII (2011-2)        Technik XI (2010-1)         Technik X (2009-10)        Technik IX (2008-9)         Technik VII (2004-6)       Technik VI (1997-2004)











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