How to order DUBUS Magazine and publications

If you are considering subscribing, why not download this free copy of issue 4/2012, in pdf format?

In order to avoid the expense of international money transfers for small amounts, and to ease the administrative workload, DUBUS has a National Representative in many countries. You should get in touch with your national representive to find out the subscription rate in local currency. You should also be able to order other DUBUS publications from them.

The preferred method for ordering subscriptions and publications is via your national representative. First, you need to find the address of your national representative, which can be found here.

UK Readers can go directly to the UK Subscriptions page.

If you are very unlucky, there will be no National Representative for your country. In that case, please contact DUBUS direct, or see the Ordering


Direct section below.

Back issues Order from you national representative.

For 2011 to 2022 issues are available only as complete year sets.

Single back issues available are:

1/87, 2/87, 3/87, 4/87, 1/89, 2/91, 3/91, 4/91, 2/92, 3/92, 4/92, 3/93, 4/93, 2/94, 3/94, 4/94, 2/95, 3/95,
2/96, 4/96, 4/97, 1/98, 2/98, 3/98, 4/98, 1/99, 2/99, 3/99, 4/99, 1/00, 2/00, 3/00, 1/01, 2/01, 3/01, 4/01, 1/02, 2/02, 3/02,
1/03, 2/03, 3/03, 4/03, 1/04, 4/04, 2/05, 2/06, 3/06, 4/06, 1/07, 2/07, 3/07, 4/07, 1/08, 2/08, 3/08, 4/08, 2/09, 3/09, 4/09, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10

Technik Publications

The Technik series of A5 Paperbacks are compendiums of Technical articles from past issues of DUBUS Magazine.
Available volumes are: 6, 7, and 9 to 18, each costs €25.00. Order from your National Representative or use the PayPal button below.
See the details and contents of all volumes here

All other volumes of the Technik series (1 - 5 and 8) are out of print.

Technik 19 Just published!  Compendium of technical articles 2021-2023 costs €27.00 including shipping.

Order from your National Representative, or use the Technik 19 PayPal button below.


If you want an article published between 1983 and 1993, try looking in the DUBUS Archive where it is probably available in PDF format for downloading.

Ordering Direct from DUBUS Germany

There are problems with PayPal buttons at the moment, which means that we don't get to see what you want to order. If it's a subscription, then that's fine, as there is nothing else that costs 34 EU. But for anything else, please e-mail your requirements for Technik, back issues etc. This problem actually predates the 2024 PP buttons, and it's a problem for many other suppliers and clubs. We hope there will be a resolution soon.

If there is no National Representative for your country, it is possible to order directly from DUBUS.
See prices below, or download the order form in PDF format.

ONLY the following methods for payment are acceptable.


Use the dedicated button below to order a 2024  Magazine Subscription



  Use the dedicated button below to order a copy of Technik 19

For other items, use the form below and Email DUBUS to confirm what you want to order.


DUBUS Magazine (4 printed) issues/TECHNIK Books/Sets/Articles:
Please note Year / Book No / Issue No / Article:
Comments / Your Call:


If you have problems using this PayPal form via,
please copy this link to the hosted site into your browser.

That should allow you to access paypal.

NO credit cards or ordinary cheques please!

        Send your order to:

DUBUS, Grützmühlenweg 23, D-22339 Hamburg, Germany.

        DUBUS bank details: Postbank Hamburg,

A/c number.: 207354201
BLZ 20010020
Account: Verlag Joachim Kraft.

International transfers from outside Germany will need this Interantional Account Number (IBAN)
IBAN: DE92200100200207354201

Note the account number please !


Price List for Direct Orders

Price Euro (EU)
2024 subscription (four issues)
2023 subscription         
Technik 19
Technik books (6,7, 9-18)
Back Issue Year sets (2011 to 2022)
Single Back Issues

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