MELF/mini-MELF/LL-34 Package Diodes

The SOD-80 package, also known as mini-MELF, is a small ( glass, sometimes plastic) cylinder with metal ends.

MELF package L=4.9mm D=2.5mm
mini-MELF (SOD80C) L=3.5mm D=1.6mm
LL-34 L=3.4mm D= 1.4mm

sod-80 package diagram


Code marked devices

Marked 2Y4 to 75Y (E24 series) BZV49 series 1W zener diodes (2.4 - 75V)

Marked C2V4 TO C75 (E24 series) BZV55 series 500mW zener diodes (2.4 - 75V)

The cathode end is indicated by a coloured band.

Coloured band marked devices (MELF/SOD-80)


BAS32, BAS45, BAV105 LL4148, 50, 51,53, LL4448 BB241,BB249

Black Brown LL4148, LL914
Black Orange LL4150, BB219
Brown Green LL300
Brown Black LL4448
Red BA682
Red Orange BA683
Red Green BA423L
Red WHite LL600
Orange Yellow LL3595
Yellow BZV55,BZV80,BZV81 series zeners
Green BAV105, BB240
Green Black BAV100
Green Brown BAV101
Green Red BAV102
Green Orange BAV103
Grey BAS81, 82, 83, 85, 86
White BB219
White Green BB215


Some manufacturers have a generic type coding scheme for MELF and mini-MELF diodes.
That for Vishay/General Semiconductor is shown below:


Mini MELF Device Type
Black General purpose
Yellow Switching
Green Schottky
Blue Zener


MELF Device Type
Black Zener
Green Schottky


Rohm LL-34 package Zener Diodes RLZ Series
Three band colour code Third band is always Green

Type 1st Band 2nd Band 3rd Band Type 1st Band 2nd Band 3rd Band
RLZ3.6B Black Purple Green RLZ12B Red Black Green
RLZ3.9B Black Gray Green RLZ13B Red Brown Green
RLZ4.3B Brown White Green RLZ15B Red Red Green
RLZ4.7B Brown Black Green RLZ16B Red Orange Green
RLZ5.1B Brown Brown Green RLZ18B Red Yellow Green
RLZ5.6B Brown Red Green RLZ20B Red Green Green
RLZ6.2B Brown Orange Green RLZ22B Red Blue Green
RLZ6.8B Brown Yellow Green RLZ24B Red Purple Green
RLZ7.5B Brown Green Green RLZ27B Red Gray Green
RLZ8.2B Brown Blue Green RLZ30B Red White Green
RLZ9.1B Black Purple Green RLZ33B Orange Black Green
RLZ10B Black Gray Green RLZ36B Orange Brown Green
RLZ11B Black White Green RLZ39B Orange Red Green