GM4PMK's SMD Codebook

Codes beginning with 'O'

be sure to check the '0' (zero) table as well

Code Device Manf Base Package Leaded Equivalent/Data
O (white) BAT14-03W Sie I SOD323 RF Schottky 4V 90mA
Ox HSMS280R Ava DZX SOT363 ring quad schottky 
O05 SO2484R SGS R   2N2484
O08 SO930R SGS R   2N930
O9 1SS385F Tosh B ESM 2 x 10V 0.1A cc schottky
O9 1SS385 Tosh B SSM 2 x 10V 0.1A cc schottky
O9 1SS378 Tosh B SC70 2 x 10V 0.1A cc schottky
O9 1SS377 Tosh B sc59 2 x 10V 0.1A cc schottky
O10 SO918R SGS R   2N918
O12 SO2221R SGS R   2N2221
O13 SO2222R SGS R   2N2222
O2 BST82 Phi M SOT23 n-ch mosfet 80V 175mA
O20 SO2222AR SGS R   2N2222A
O27 SO1893R SGS R   2N1893
O54 SO2221AR SGS R   2N2221A
O79 SO5550R SGS R   2N5550
O80 SO5551R SGS R   2N5551
O91 SO642R SGS R   npn Vce 300V
OL SM6T150CA ST - SMB bi-directional transil 150V 600W
OL 2SA1521 San N SOT23 pre-biased sw pnp comp 2SC3915
OO HSMS282R Ava DZX SOT363 HP2835 schottky diode ring quad
OP CMDZ6L2 CSC I SOD323 zener 250mW Iz 0.5mA 6.2V
OU SM6T200CA ST - SMB bi-directional transil 200V 600W
OW SM6T220CA ST - SMB bi-directional transil 220V 600W


Last Updated on 07/04/2014