Plastic MELF Package Diodes


Vishay/General Semiconductor plastic MELF and mini-MELF packages may have colour coding
as shown in the following tables

A * (asterisk) indicates device is mini-MELF:

1st band Red

2nd Band Devices
Red BYM11-100, RGL41A, RGL43B*
Orange BYM11-200, RGL41D, RGL43D
Yellow BYM11-400, RGL41G, RGL43G
Green BYM11-600, RGL41J, RGL43J
Blue BYM11-800, RGL41K
Violet BYM11-1000, RGL41M
Gray BYM11-50, RGL41A, RGL43A


1st Band Orange

2nd Band Devices
Red BYM13-30, SGL41-30
Orange BYM13-40, SGL41-40
Yellow BYM13-50, SGL41-50
Green BYM13-60, SGL41-60
Gray BYM13-20, SGL41-20

1st Band Green

2nd Band Devices
Brown BYM12-300, EGL41F, BYM-07-300*, EGL34F*
Red BYM12-100, EGL41B, BYM07-100*, EGL34B*
Orange BYM12-200, EGL41D, BYM07-200*, EGL34D*
Yellow BYM12-400,EGL41G, BYM07-400*, EGL34G*
Gray BYM12-50, EGL41A, BYM07-50*, EGL34A*
Pink BYM12-150, EGL41C, BYM07-150*, EGL34C*

1st Band White

2nd Band Devices
Brown GL41Y
Red BYM10-100, GL41B, GL34B*
Orange BYM10-200, GL41D, GL34D*
Yellow BYM10-400, GL41G, GL34G*
Green BYM10-600, GL41J, GL34J*
Blue BYM10-800, GL41K
Violet BYM10-1000,GL41M
Gray BYM10-50, GL41A, GL34A*
White GL41T