NavProc: Navtex message processor

Version 2.4 4 November 2008


NavProc is a Navtex mesage logging, filtering and display program. It allows selection of the display of received messages by either station ID and/or message type. It takes data from a separate reciever/decoder via the PCs COM port, and can also process captured text files of messages. It was developed for use with my home-brew Navtex stand-alone receiver, based on a design by Klaus Betke. Maps showing the location of Navtex stations can be displayed. The data files containing the station details can easily be updated with a text editor. The install package includes a manual in pdf format.

System requirements: Windows 98 or later, 800x600 screen, PC COM port.

The latest version 2.4 incorporates recent changes in NavAreas in the Polar regions.

Download the NavProc package ( about 1.7 MB)

Once downloaded, unpack to a temporary directory and run setup.exe. Read the manual before running the program!

Screenshots follow:




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