I'm currently active on HF, VHF and 23 cm EME from my QTH on the Isle of Mull.


My QTH is Pennyghael, near the head of Loch Scridain on the western side of the Isle of Mull. It's effectively at sea-level. While this gives good results on HF, surrounding terrain severely limits my options on VHF and above. The Isle of Mull is one of the Inner Hebrides, off the West Coast of Scotland.

QRA: IO66xj91  IOTA: EU-008  IOSA: NH-15  WAB: NM52

QSL info

I'm happy to QSL, either direct or via the buro. I'm QTHR.
You'll find my details on or here.

I always send a direct QSL for a EME initial contact.
For EME QSLs, there's no need to send me an SASE or 'Green Stamps'

Just to be clear, the pair of white-tailed sea eagles on my current QSL card really did have the wing-tags '7' and '3' on them - the photo has not been altered in any way.


I'm QRV on 23 cm, normally running JT65c, CW if pressed!

I use a 3.2 m polar mount dish with an OK1DFC septum + choke feed.
I am limited to GHA between 345 and 40 and positive declinations greater than 3.
Equipment is TS2000X, with a G4DDK VLNA on receive, on transmit an MRF9045 driver in the shack.
The PA uses a pair of MRF9060 G4BAO amplifiers, and is located at bottom of the dish giving 100 W at the feed.

When the dish is not being used for EME, a 1420 MHz Hydrogen line receiver can be used for amateur Radio Astronomy.


I'm often active on 6 m during Es, Ms and Ar events. Currently not QRV on 4 m.
I have an 11 ele for 2 m, and for 6 m I use a Moxon Square antenna, running 100 W on both bands.



I use a 12 m vertical on 80 -10 m, which has a nearly ideal ground-plane - a wet boggy field at the edge of a sea-loch. It's shown in the photo on the left with Ben More, rising to over 3000 ft, behind.

There's an SGC auto tuner at the base in a weatherproof box.

Rig is usually a TS2000X or occasionally an IC706IIg.
Sometimes on 472 kHz - Rx only at the moment.

      Terrestrial: 6 m squares worked: 260    4 m squares worked: 33   2 m squares worked: 10   23 cm squares worked: 3

      EME JT65c 23 cm Initials: 163
      EME CW 23 cm Initials: 16
      EME squares: 117
      EME DXCC: 39
      EME Fields: 32

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