Contents of the Latest Issue

Technical Articles

Locating Interference Sources by Ivan Shor, RA3WDK               

Radiation Pattern of a Parabolic Antenna blocked by its Feed by Joachim Köppen, DF3GJ

Iceni 432 MHz Transverter by Sam Jewell, G4DDK

OE9PMJ 24, 47, 75.5 & 78 GHz filter dimensions and construction
by Dr. Gerald Johnson, KØCQ

Weekend VHF/UHF Power Amplifier for 145/435 MHz by Jurij Mikeln, S52CQ

The Cold Horn method for NF measurements – notes about 10 GHz applications
by Dimitry Fedorov, UA3AVR

Combiner for 4 amplifiers in the 3cm band Part 2 - by Dominique Fässler, HB9BBD              

News and Columns

FAI News
Solar Cycle 24 Report, February 2018 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
Aurora News
Tropo News
Microwave Europe 
Microwave Japan - High-order divider/multiplier transverter for 249-830 GHz  by Yukio Masuda, JA8CMY VHF VK/ZL
VK-ZLEU DX Expedition February 2018 - by Alan Devlin, VKXPD
4m & 6m News 
EME News                                                              
News & Comments



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last updated 2 March 2018.