Contents of the Latest Issue

Technical Articles

A Simple S/X Dual-Band Coaxial Feed for Satellite Communication
by Rastislav Galuscak - OM6AA, Pavel Hazdra and Milos Mazanek

Solar Flux and Temperature at Millimetre Wavelengths by Dimitry Fedorov, UA3AVR

Photonic generation of microwave signals, achieved by beating two lasers together
by Francesco Carraro, IW3GSH and Federico Sartori, I3QNS

Design of a 10 GHz LNA: From simulation to final result by Vincent Grigis, F1OPA

On the Theoretical and Practical Limits of Digital QSOs by Klaus von der Heide, DJ5HG

Midlatitude Es: Complex, Not Too Complicated - Part 2 by Jim Kennedy K6MIO/KH6

News and Columns

Aurora News
Solar Cycle 24 Report, August 2016 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
Tropo News 
4m & 6m News
European Microwave Expedition - 2nd edition by Mircea Bochis, YO5AXB
Microwave Europe
VHF Australia & New Zealand
Microwave Japan
Microwave USA
EME News
New firsts on 24, 47, 76 and 122 GHz
News & Comments


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last updated 7 September 2016.