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Technical Articles

Get Atmospheric Attenuation and Noise Figure from a Skyprofile by Joachim Köppen, DF3GJ

Designing, Building and Testing Feeds for Offset Dishes by Charlie Suckling, DL3WDG

The Evolution of Accuracy in Antenna Modelling with EZNEC: From NEC-2 to NEC-5 by Justin Johnson, G0KSC

Ionoscatter by Mesospheric Summer Echoes (MSE) –  a new annual DX season for 144MHz stations
by Tim J. Fern, G4LOH


News and Columns

REF/DUBUS European EME Contest 2023 - Results by Joachim Kraft, DL8HCZ
Microwave Europe
An interesting 10GHz QSO via Ping-Pong Rainscatter by Dom Dehays, F6DRO
and Carlo Carini, IU4MES
Microwave Spain and Portugal
A DXpedition for the highest frequencies by Hans van Alphen, PA0EHG / DC1EHG
Microwave North America
Microwave Japan
Tropo News
SV8/OE2UKL: Expedition to Lefkada Isl.
Aurora News
FAI News
2m TEP News
6m & 4m News
News & Comments
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