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Technical Articles

Adhesive reflective foil for measurements on dishes by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM

Self manufacturing of ‘rectangular-like’ WG parts by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM

The LFA-R Reflector-less Yagi by Justin Johnson, G0KSC

Tests and measurements with the MMIC amplifier ECG008 by Henning Weddig, DK5LV

Stacking beyond DL6WU - Part 3 An extended Chapter from the TANT Appendix by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN      

Circular Polarization Feed for Space Communication on the 3 cm Band - Part 1 - by Rastislav Galuscak- OM6AA, Bert Modderman - PE1RKI, Vladimir Masek - OK1DAK, Pavel Hazdra, Milos Mazanek, Jeffrey Pawlan - WA6KBL

A high performance 144MHz transverter and power amplifier - The Anglian by Sam Jewell, G4DDK, John Regnault, G4SWX & Jason Flynn, G7OCD

Another Hybrid Antenna for 144 MHz by Slobodan Bukvic, YU7XL

News and Columns

REF / DUBUS EUROPEAN EME Contest 2014 - CW Results
REF / DUBUS Digital EME Championship 2m 2014 - Results
VHF Australia & New Zealand
4m News / 6m News
First ever 6m terrestrial opening between Greenland and Japan
Solar Cycle 24 Report, August 2014 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
VHF North America
Tropo News
VHF South Africa
Microwave Europe
Microwave Japan
EME News        



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last updated 22 September 2014.