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Technical Articles

Forecasting the refractive index in the lower layers of the troposphere
- Application for amateur radio communications by Pascal Grandjean, F5LEN                

The trade winds inversion - Elements for a transatlantic QSO at tropical latitudes
by Jean-Louis Maridet, F5DYD (ex FM8DY) 

Minimalistic PWM Power Supply, by Jure Mikeln, S52CQ

ADF5355  -  A signal generator for the microwave bands by Ferdinand Schmehr, DC8EC

Triangular Array Rotatable Polarity (TARP)– A Trilogy of Powerful Features to Maximize EME Array Performance
by Jimmy Blanchette, KK6FAH 

Low cost sequencer for controlling the VHF/UHF shack by Ivan Shor, RA3WDK

PA144-XPOL-18-5 Antenna - some interesting thoughts & calculations (2/2) by Goran Stojkovic, YU1CF

Influence of Plastic enclosing a UHF Yagi Element by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN


News and Columns

Tropo News
Solar Cycle 24 Report, November 2016 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
FAI News 
Aurora News
MS Sprint Contest 2016 - Results
4m & 6m News
EME News
VHF Australia & New Zealand
Microwave Japan
Microwave USA
Microwave Europe
Baltic mmWave Activity 2016 by Henning Rech, DF9IC
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