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Investigating the Extended Frequency Range of the WA1MBA Millimeter Wave Quadruplerby James Morris, W7TXT

DIY Low-Cost Parabolic Dish Antenna by Flavio Robles, F5ASM

30 THz transmitter using a directly modulated spiral heater element by Barry Chambers, G8AGN

Sun Activity and Radiation Temperature at 24 GHz by Dimitry Fedorov, UA3AVR

Sporadic-E Summary 2023 – 144 MHz by Joachim Kraft, DL8HCZ/CT1HZE      

WRC-23 outcome – RNSS and ARS coexistence in the 23 cm band by Attila Matas, OM1AM    

Aircraft Scatter: New perspectives, questionable concepts (1/2) by Nils Schiffhauer, DK8OK

Lightning Scatter on 1296 MHz using MSK144  by Rex Moncur, VK7MO and Brodie Churchill, VK3MAP


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