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Technical Articles

122 GHz Transverter Technique by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM

Very Long 432 MHz Yagis with High G/T - Part 1 by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN

A 3 Watt LDMOS Driver for the 432 MHz band by John C Worsnop, PhD CEng MIET, G4BAO

Sporadic-E Summary 2017 – 144 MHz by Joachim Kraft, DL8HCZ/CT1HZE  

Snow Scatter at 77 GHz: snowflake modelling, signal levels in forward scattering
and radar observations by Dimitry Fedorov, UA3AVR

Simulation of the 128 x 11 El. Yagi 70 cm EME Array built by DL7APV by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN

Practical Results with 128 x 11 Ele. Yagi array on 70cm EME by Bernd Wilde, DL7APV

News and Columns

Solar Cycle 24 Report, May 2018 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
Microwave Europe 
Microwave Day / Mikrobølgedag in Horsens / Denmark by Detlev Bölte, DJ1LP     
Microwave Japan
Meteor Scatter on 432 MHz by Marius Cousin, F8DO and Gerard Françon, F6BEG
4m & 6m News
News & Comments


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last updated 20 May 2018.