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Technical Articles

Programmable Test Signal Generator for 6m to 9cm - with CW ID generator and option for 3cm by Hans Peter Mayer, DH1VY    

The 2-D Radiation Pattern of Parabolic Dish Antennas by Joachim Köppen, DF3GJ

Adjusting the IF frequency to satisfy the mmWave mixing equation: A feature of microwave SDR IF systems, by John Petrich, W7FU                  

Experiences, operational considerations and results when using a Portable EME Station for working near the Horizon
by Charlie Suckling, G3WDG, and Petra Suckling, G4KGC

Phase locked External Reference for 10 GHz Satellite LNBs by António Matias, CT1FFU 

EME on Millimeter Waves: Part 2 - My Antenna by Sergey Zhutyaev, RW3BP     

Simple PCB Antenna for 23cm by Hans Peter Mayer, DH1VY    

SR T02: New Walkie Talkie module - for the price of a box of cigarettes by Jure Mikeln, S52CQ

A new milestone in the history of amateur radio by Reinhard Kühn, DK5LA

Microwave Spain - 122 GHz: A new step forward for the millimetre bands in Spain by Luis Presa, EA5DOM

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Microwave Europe
Microwave Japan
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Tropo News
Solar Cycle 24 Report, February 2019 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
FAI News
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