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Technical Articles

Analysis of Meteor Scatter Pings - Part 1: The Scattering Process by Klaus von der Heide, DJ5HG                  

SM5BSZ’s BC.exe modified for frequency scaling and tested on 432 MHz by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN

Construction of a 432 MHz GTV 70-19m Blade Yagi by Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN

EME with Adaptive Polarization at 432 MHz by Joe Taylor, K1JT, and Justin Johnson, G0KSC

Circular Polarization Feed for Space Communication on the 3 cm Band - Part 2 - by Rastislav Galuscak- OM6AA, Bert Modderman - PE1RKI, Vladimir Masek - OK1DAK, Pavel Hazdra, Milos Mazanek, Jeffrey Pawlan - WA6KBL

Aircraft Scatter on 10 and 24 GHz using ISCAT by Rex Moncur, VK7MO and David Smith, VK3HZ

News and Columns

Tropo News
Aurora News
Solar Cycle 24 Report, August 2014 - by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
VHF Australia and New Zealand
OH0/DL1YMK EME DXpdeition to the Aaland Isles
EME 2014 Conference Report by F2CT
REF/DUBUS Digital EME Championship 70cm 2014 - Results
HK1H 2014: 23cm EME with wooden horn antenna
Microwave Europe
Microwave Spain
Hyper Atlantica/ Grande Bleue 2015
Microwave Japan
4m News /6m News
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last updated 19 December 2014.