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Technical Articles

Parabolic dish with interchangeable transverters - to facilitate DX QSOs on microwaves by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM         

Antenna G/T calculators with open-source code Part 1: An Antenna G/T calculator (AGTC_lite)
without mathematical rotation calculations by Jean-Pierre Waymel, F5FOD, and Hartmut Klüver, DG7YBN

Investigations about Rain Scatter at 77 GHz by Dimitry Fedorov, UA3AVR

ADF5355  -  A signal generator for the microwave bands (2) by Ferdinand Schmehr, DC8EC

How to retrofit Ericsson UMTS SSPAs to obtain 300+ watts on 13cm with 2 x MRF5P21180R6 (1)
by Alex Artieda, ZS6EME

Experiments with launcher probes for OK1DFC Septum Feed at 23 cm with a DIN 7-16 Connector
by Harke Smits, PA0HRK

Twin-boom Yagi Antennas for 144 MHz by Slobodan Bukvic, YU7XL

News and Columns

Tropo News
Aurora News
70cm Meteor Scatter Reports
Solar Cycle 24 Report, February 2017- by Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO
EME News
Microwave Europe 
Microwave Spain
Microwave Japan
VHF Australia and New Zealand
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last updated 28 February 2017.