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8203-1  13 cm transverter                                                          8p   375k    DF5QZ
8203-2  13 cm power amplifier                                                      3p   103k    DC8UG
8301-1  6 cm linear amplifier                                                      6p   308k    DF5QZ
8301-2  Comments to a 70cm long yagi array                                         5p   274k    SP1DSU
8301-3  IC402 modifications                                                        5p   274k    DC0HW
8301-4  Reflectometer with coaxial coupler                                         6p   368k    DF3CX
8302-1  Log periodic antenna 1.0-3.5GHz                                            3p   66k     DC8CE
8302-2  Reflectometer with coaxial coupler (part II)                               8p   449k    DF3CX
8302-3  ETM 8c for MS                                                              1p   51k     OE3CEW
8302-4  Comparison of different feed horns for dish antennas                       7p   232k    DL7YC
8302-5  Correction to Dubus 4/82                                                   1p   32k     LA8AK
8302-6  Application of microwave GaAs-Fets                                         10p  606k    
8304-1  Application of microwave GaAs-Fets (part II)                               4p   308k    
8304-2  Broadband amplifier for 13 and 9 cm                                        3p   107k    DL7QY
8401-1  24 GHz baugruppen                                                          2p   185k    DK2RV
8401-2  7W 2320 MHz Linear verstarker                                              5p   284k    DL7QY
8401-3  Up converter for MS use                                                    1p   53k     LA8AK
8401-4  Two stage 5760 MHz GaAs Fet amplifier                                      2p   180k    DL7QY
8402-1  Frequency doubler from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz with GaAs FET                      4p   510k    DC0DA
8402-2  Three band GaAs FET amplifier 1000 - 4000 MHz                              2p   88k     DL7QY
8402-3  Modular 10GHz SSB transverter                                              14p  1474k   DL8RAH
8402-4  10GHz GaAsFET amplifier using Nec70083 and microstrip filter               2p   213k    DL7QY
8403-1  430 - 10GHz multiplier using S3015A                                        4p   230k    JA1EPK
8403-2  A simple power supply for TWT amplifiers                                   5p   324k    DL7QY
8403-3  Frequency prescalers for microwave bands                                   6p   352k    HB9MIN
8403-4  750W 432MHz linear power amplifier with RS1064                             6p   889k    DB6NT
8403-5  The experiments of injection locking                                       3p   141k    JA1DGF
8403-6  Transistorized 23cm linear amps 6, 16 and 30W output                       11p  1517k   DL7QY
8404-1  GaAs FET preamplifier for the 3cm band                                     2p   145k    I1MMS
8404-2  2m & 70cm low cost GaAS MES FET amplifiers                                 3p   474k    DL7QY
8404-3  23cm PA with TH316                                                         9p   1077k   DK2GR
8404-4  Thermal power meter 10MHz - 14GHz                                          4p   509k    DB9SB
8501-1  Low cost 23 cm linear transverter                                          11p  1011k   PA0LPE
8502-1  High performance SSB/CW duoband transceiver SSCW702                        35p  2825k   DL7QY
8502-2  Two stage amplifier for 23cm band                                          1p   53k     F6DZK
8502-3  Mechanical indicator of doppler shift for EME                              3p   463k    OK1KIR
8503-1  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part II)                    20p  2229k   DL7QY
8503-2  144 MHz high power amplifier                                               8p   1049k   ON5FF
8503-3  Coupling line for 8x23 el 1296 MHz                                         2p   68k     F6DZK
8503-4  1.3 GHz GaAsFET transverter module                                         10p  1139k   OE9PMJ
8504-1  3cm pillbox antenna                                                        4p   134k    DK2RV
8504-2  Resonator filter for the 3cm band                                          3p   108k    DK2UO
8504-3  Control circuits for an EME station                                        4p   231k    SO1MN
8504-4  Using TBA120 for MS reception                                              3p   109k    LA8AK
8504-5  1296 MHz Power amplifier                                                   12p  643k    OE9PMJ
8504-6  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part III)                   23p  1318k   DL7QY
8601-1  CW sidetone for IC202                                                      1p   67k     DL9SBS
8601-2  Resonator filter for the 9, 6 and 3cm bands                                2p   108k    DK2AB
8601-3  GaAs FET 13cm transverter                                                  10p  705k    DC8UG
8601-4  3cm circular waveguide from copper pipe                                    3p   132k    DK2UO
8601-5  Feeding parabolic dishes with horn antennas                                13p  855k    DK2RV
8601-6  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part IV)                    6p   262k    DL7QY
8602-1  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part V)                     9p   655k    DL7QY
8602-2  Inexpensive and accurate RF mV meter                                       1p   75k     LA8AK
8602-3  Printed 2el antennas for 23 an 13 cm bands                                 1p   37k     OE9PMJ
8602-4  Wideband horn 1.2-2.4 GHz                                                  2p   132k    OE9PMJ
8602-5  1m40 parabolic dish f/d = 0.5                                              3p   288k    OE9PMJ
8602-6  10GHz Transverter in microstrip technique                                  33p  1787k   DL1RQ
8602-7  13cm preamplifier and 13 power amplifier                                   6p   371k    DC8UG
8602-8  Deterioration of EME S/N by polarisation rotation                          2p   127k    DF5AI
8603-1  PLL SSB notes for 10 GHz                                                   2p   101k    LA8AK
8603-2  GaAs FET doubler with mixer for 24 GHz                                     6p   880k    DB6NT
8603-3  3.8 GHz divider by 4                                                       3p   157k    HB9MIN
8603-4  Feeding parabolic dishes with horn antennas (part II)                      7p   424k    DK2RV
8603-4  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part V)                     11p  725k    DL7QY
8604-1  Improvement of weak signal detection with binaural reception               7p   514k    DF1DM
8604-2  Tripler from 3456 to 10368                                                 4p   229k    PA0EHG
8604-3  Transistorized 23cm power amplifier for the 23cm band                      4p   215k    F6DZK
8604-4  Two PCB transverter for the 9cm band                                       11p  549k    DD2EK
8604-5  Redesigned 10GHz SSB transverter                                           8p   350k    DL1RQ
8604-6  SSCW 702 SSB/CW 2m & 70cm duoband transceiver (part VII)                   8p   462k    DL7QY
8604-7  SSB-Signalaufbereitung fuer die microwellenbander                          1p   56k     DK2RV
8701-1  Oscillator for SHF transverter in SMD technic                              4p   321k    DC0DA
8701-2  Relay control for power amplifiers                                         3p   84k     DL6NCI
8701-3  GaAs FET quadrupler 3->2 GHz for DB6NT portable 24 GHz transverter         4p   263k    DC0DA
8701-4  Low cost high performance mixer up to 2500MHz                              2p   71k     OE9PMJ
8702-1  LO for 10 GHz transverter                                                  3p   209k    DJ6JJ
8702-2  Complementation od cylindrical resonator cavities                          3p   143k    DK2AB
8702-3  Experiences with matched microwaves striplines                             3p   123k    DK2AB
8702-4  Sideband noise of amateur stations                                         8p   1295k   DL7QY
8703-1  Tuning aid for valve power amplifiers                                      1p   32k     OE9PMJ
8703-2  3.7 GHz divider by 1000                                                    4p   187k    DB9SB
8703-3  Sideband noise of amateur stations                                         3p   439k    DL7QY
8703-4  Single board 10GHz transverter                                             7p   304k    DJ6JJ
8703-5  Precision Wattmeter with automatic VSWR indication                         12p  684k    DJ9BV
8703-6  Non reciprocal wave propagation with faraday rotation                      3p   179k    DF1DM
8704-1  Effective noise temperature of 4 yagi arrays for 432 EME                   13p  598k    DJ9BV
8704-2  Circular waveguide rearfeed for parabolic dishes                           2p   120k    DK2RV
8704-3  Modification of the LA8AK MS timer for 1, 2.5 and 5 mn                     4p   143k    LA8AK
8801-1  Simple TWT power supply                                                    2p   126k    LA6LCA
8801-2  Transistorized 24GHz transverter                                           9p   732k    DB6NT
8801-3  Transistorized 1W amplifier simulation for the 3cm band                    1p   50k     F6DZK
8802-1  2304 power amplifier                                                       4p   152k    VE4MA
8802-2  Measurements on a 24GHz DB6NT transverter                                  8p   391k    DC0DA
8802-3  Active frequency quadrupler                                                4p   423k    DC0DA
8802-4  3cm band GaAsFET power amplifier                                           2p   158k    DC0DA
8803-1  Gain and performance data of 144 MHz antennas                              9p   317k    DJ9BV
8804-1  Noise figure measurements results 3rd int. EME conference                  4p   138k    DJ9BV
8804-2  Low noise GaAsFets preamps for EME Construction and measurements problems  18p  675k    DJ9BV
8804-3  Two stage preamp for 432 EME                                               3p   96k     DL9KR
8901-1  Waveguide filter for 24GHz                                                 2p   412k    DC0DA
8901-2  Improving S-meter for IC202                                                1p   86k     LA8AK
8902-1  70cm EME PA with 1K+ output (part1)                                        6p   535k    OZ9ZI
8902-2  Gain and performance data of 432 MHz antennas                              4p   352k    DJ9BV
8902-3  Hints on DB6NT's 24GHz transverter                                         1p   53k     DB6NT
8903-1  70cm EME PA with 1K+ output (part2)                                        11p  608k    OZ9ZI
8903-2  5.7GHz Amplifiers                                                          7p   164k    JE1AAH
8903-3  High performance 432MHz preamp                                             4p   85k     F1EHN
8903-4  47GHz Station                                                              4p   94k     OE9PMJ
8904-1  Ultra stable microwave LO                                                  4p   119k    F1GAS
8904-2  10 GHz Amplifiers                                                          6p   141k    JE1AAH
8904-3  Deep dish feed horns revisited                                             5p   138k    VE4MA
8904-4  DL6WU Yagi for 2320 MHz                                                    3p   81k     DC3XY
8904-5  76 GHz Station                                                             3p   53k     OE9PMJ
9001-1  50 MHz Transverter                                                         9p   231k    OE9PMJ
9001-2  SSB components for millimetric waves (24 & 47GHz)                          7p   175k    HB9MIN
9001-3  5.76 GHz Up converter                                                      3p   59k     LA6LCA
9001-4  Yagi antennas for 144 MHz                                                  12p  236k    DJ9BV
9002-1  Novel approach to automatic noise figure measurement                       10p  331k    DJ9BV
9002-2  Construction of a precision noise figure measurement system                11p  294k    DJ9BV
9002-3  The FAI beacon DB0FAI                                                      8p   268k    DL4MEA
9002-4  Triplate directional couplers                                              11p  207k    F1GAS
9002-5  Low noise no tune preamp for 23/24cm                                       6p   132k    FD1FLN
9002-6  10GHz T/R Module                                                           7p   430k    JE1AAH
9002-7  Flash-over protection for PA's                                             3p   79k     OE5JFL
9003-1  1 W power amplifier for 10 GHz                                             7p   176k    JE1AAH
9003-2  Coax relay with RF vox                                                     5p   119k    DL4MEA
9003-3  Construction of a precision noise figure measurement system (part2)        19p  508k    DJ9BV
9003-4  Three tubes amplifier for 144 MHz                                          7p   165k    OE3JPC
9003-5  Regulated screen supplies and protection for tetrode amplifiers            10p  322k    G3SEK
9003-6  50 MHz linear amplifier                                                    5p   89k     PE1DAB
9004-1  12 GHz LO for 24 & 47 GHz                                                  9p   390k    DB6NT
9004-2  How to use a Noise-Figure Meter                                            20p  960k    DJ9BV
9004-3  Construction of folded dipoles for 2m yagis                                3p   190k    PE1DAB
9004-4  Details on 10 Ghz T/R Module                                               4p   145k    JE1AAH
9004-5  Hints for PANFI Construction                                               9p   372k    DJ9BV DF7VX
9004-6  2m EME Antenna with open-wire feed system                                  5p   368k    DL1GBF
9004-7  Optimum Bias Circuit for Linear Power Transistors                          3p   144k    DF4LY
9101-1  A Simple 10GHz Transverter                                                 9p   389k    DB6NT DC0DA
9101-2  200mW Two Stage Amplifier for 10GHz                                        4p   129k    DB6NT
9101-3  How to use Open Wire Feedlines                                             5p   235k    PA3AEF
9101-4  A simple solution for a PANFI                                              3p   170k    PA0EZ
9102-1  Triband Microwave Dishfeed                                                 6p   469k    DK8SG
9102-2  High Power GaAs-FET Amplifiers for 9cm                                     11p  470k    DB6NT
9102-3  Modifications for 10 Ghz Transverter                                       6p   174k    DB6NT
9102-4  High Gain Yagis for 432 Mhz                                                12p  617k    DJ9BV
9102-5  24 Ghz Transverter with HEMT's (Part I)                                    12p  449k    JE1AAH
9103-1  Just another 50 Mhz Transverter                                            9p   337k    DF9CY
9103-2  Transverter for 5.7GHz                                                     13p  650k    DB6NT
9103-3  24 Ghz Transverter with HEMT's (Part II)                                   9p   373k    JE1AAH
9103-4  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part I)      15p  749k    DJ9BV DL6WU
9104-1  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part II)     15p  872k    DJ9BV DL6WU
9104-2  5.7 Ghz Transverter: LO                                                    6p   253k    DB6NT
9104-3  Transverter for 3.4 Ghz                                                    11p  503k    DB6NT
9104-4  3.4 Ghz Transverter: LO                                                    3p   94k     DB6NT
9104-5  Low Noise Preamp for 1.3 Ghz                                               14p  661k    DJ9BV
9104-6  4W GaAs-FET Amplifier for 10 Ghz                                           3p   192k    DB6NT
9201-1  Transverter for 47 Ghz                                                     14p  82k     DB6NT
9201-2  Antenna Control System for EME                                             17P  526K    F1EHN
9201-3  High performance RF Switch for 10 Ghz                                      5p   319k    I3OPW IV3FDO
9201-4  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part III)    21p  1293k   DJ9BV DL6WU
9201-5  Accurate Digital Display for Antenna Rotators                              3p   146k    OE3JPC
9201-6  Simple dB-linear S-meter for microwave converter                           2p   99k     HB9MIN
9202-1  Transverter for 76 Ghz                                                     12p  737     DB6NT
9202-2  Measuring on 76 Ghz SHF-mixer for spectrum analyser                        1p   35k     DB6NT
9202-3  High IP-LNA for 432 Mhz                                                    5p   199k    DJ9BV
9202-4  Improvement of Yagis through suppressors                                   6p   249k    DL1KBN
9202-5  High Power TWT's                                                           4p   191k    HB9SLV
9203-1  Computer simulation of Parabolic Dishes                                    20p  827k    OE5JFL
9203-2  8W GaAs-FET Amplifier for 6 cm                                             4p   212k    DB6NT
9203-3  Performance Evaluation for EME-Systems                                     9p   441k    DJ9BV F6HYE
9203-4  HEMT LNA for 13 cm                                                         7p   302k    DJ9BV
9203-5  Yagi Simulation: CAD-Software for Evaluation and Development (Part IV)     25p  1152k   DJ9BV DL6WU
9204-1  23 cm Linear Transverter                                                   12p  1107k   DB6NT DF9LN
9204-2  Combining of TWT's on 10 GHz                                               8p   349k    HB9AGE
9204-3  GaAs FET Power Amplifier for 13 cm                                         2p   62k     JE1AAH

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